General searching in blocktorch

Blocktorch's search capabilities are a powerful tool designed to help users search, analyze, and explore logs and metrics generated by your dApp and services utilized by your dApp (e.g. Oracles) in the fastet possible way. In the monitors as well as the search page, there is a search input field on the very top of the page to quickly find the data points you are looking for

Blocktorch's Search page

In web3 the name "explorer" has been established for finding transaction and block related data. However, blocktorch's search is way more than a blockexplorer when it comes to system logs, and less when it comes to actual block related information. Therefore we have named blocktorch's search simply "Search".

Blocktorch's Search is multichain, multi data source, and multi datatype. One stop to find all your dApp's logs.

To search for logs, transactions and traces in the Search page, build your search query. The search query can be one or multiple keywords or facet. Advanced search capabilities, including fuzzy search and faceted search, allow you to quickly find the information you need. The Search will return a list of matching log entries based on your query. For fuzzy search try for example search for the data source the log should originate from, wallets, contracts, status (Success/Fail), nonces, and many more. Fuzzy search can be combined with the query chips.

Your search query can be fine tuned by updating, removing or adding single chips to the query. To update a chip simply click its value and change it

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