Setup managed Hardhat Fork

What is a managed Hardhat Fork by blocktorch?

Blocktorch managed Hardhat Forks are a zero-setup, private environment for developing and testing smart contracts against production data. With managed Hardhat Forks, you get a private replica of 9 supported EVM mainnets and testnets, with all the developer tooling of the blocktorch platform privately, the latest states, and no performance delays.

Step 1: Select "Managed Hardhat Fork", give your fork a name, choose which Chain you'd like to fork, optionally choose the server region you want the fork to run on, and press "Save"

Give your fork a recognizable name to make your life easier later on, e.g. when looking for the fork in the list of chains to add contracts deployed on this fork. Especially if you deploy multiple forks, they should have distinguishable names

Step 2: Copy the RPC URL to start using it in testing your smart contracts and application

Congratulations, you have successfully added your managed hardhat fork to blocktorch 🥳 If you now try to add a smart contract to blocktorch that has been deployed on your managed hardhat fork you can see your managed hardhat fork in the list of available chains

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