Alerting and notification are vital components of blocktorch's observability platform, helping teams to react promptly to potential issues. By setting the right thresholds for alerts and ensuring they are delivered through preferred channels to the relevant stakeholders, you can significantly reduce the Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). This not only helps in minimizing downtime but also safeguards the customer experience and maintains operational efficiency. The key is to strike a balance between alert sensitivity and notification fatigue to ensure that every alert prompts a timely and effective response.

Alert trigger

The alert trigger is the target you set when building a monitor

The alert is getting triggered every time the target is hit

Alert destination

Alerts are currently set via email.

In case you would like to receive alerts via Slack, Discord, Telegram, PagerDuty or on-chain via Push Protocol please reach out to us.

Who receives the alerts

Alerts to sent to all members of your project. That means everyone who you invited to your project and has accept this invite will receive all alerts as well.

In case you would like to have triaging of alerts based on e.g. role or creator of the alert please reach out to us.

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