The fastet way to start observing your dApp and gain valuable insights. No credit card required.No code required.

1. Log in to blocktorch here (no credit card required)

  • Sign in via eMail, SSO through Google & GitHub or your Web3 Wallet

    • If you sign in by email you will receive a Magic Link in your inbox

  • At your first log we are asking you about some info about you to get to know each other better

Your project will be set up with a demo of Uniswap V3 and you can start exploring the data

3. Add your first smart contract, the demo data will automatically be replaced

  • Search for the smart contract of your choice in "Contracts" >> "Add Contract"

  • We will detect which chain the contract address is deployed on, choose the one you want to start gaining insights from by clicking on the name with the chain logo next to it

  • We automatically fetch the ABI if the contract is verified and published on a block explorer. In case the contract is not published and verified please provide the contract ABI by uploading the json, which will stay private

  • Feel free to rename the contract

  • Click "Save" on the top right

Start exporing the data and gain inisights by clicking to Blocktorch logo to go back to the home screen. Dive into global KPIs about performance, efficiency and health.

  1. Build your first custom monitor

  • To build your own custom monitors or investigate the data navigate to "explore"

  • Build a query of your choice you want to set the monitor on. For example monitor the gas used by transactions that have not succeeded, thus "wasted gas" by users

    • Build your query.

      • Example:

        • Smart contract: Universal Router Uniswap V3 on ethereum

        • Metric: Transaction Gas Used

        • Filter: where Transaction Status != SUCCEEDED

        • Operator: SUM

    • Choose a time window for monitoring this query on a rolling basis.

      • Example: 1 hour. This means the monitor sums up the amount of gas used by failed and revereted transactions each hour

    • Choose a target you want to achieve. If the target is breached the monitor will trigger an alert.

      • Example: 1200000000

    • Give the monitor a descriptive title as well as some more description.

    • Save your monitor on the top right of your window.

  1. Dive into the logs to find all details about single transactions

  • Navigate to "search"

    • Build a query you want to search specific logs from.

      • For example to investigate why transactions from our monitor above surpassed our target treshold look for failed transactions in the Uniswap Universal Router V3 contract on ethereum in the time window of the breach.

  • Click on any transaction to open full details about the transaction including stack traces and analytics about the method

  • Bonus: feel free to share your exact query and results with others by sharing the URL ℹ️ sharing search results with others will invite them to your project

Congrats you have successfully explored blocktorch to gain the fastest insights into web3 you can get 🥳 Now have fun digging deep to explore the full power of the platform!

Here are videos showcases all of the features of the blocktorch platform

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