Smart Contracts

Blocktorch can be used for smart contracts deployed on

Once you add a smart contract to blocktorch, our engine starts indexing the data of that smart contract. For all smart contracts we collect and index:

  • transaction receipts

  • logs

  • events

  • errors

  • traces

  • state changes

  • balance changes

Blocktorch also handles your contract correctly when using proxy contracts

pageAdding smart contracts

Smart contract details

Once a smart contract has been added it can be clicked in the contract overview page to access all detailed information about his smart contract.

The details page includes

  • Status of monitors set for the smart contract

  • General information like name, address and deployed blockchain of the smart contract

  • Out of the box metrics about the smart contract

  • The ABI of the smart contract

  • The source code of the smart contract

  • All log information related to this smart contract

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