Step debugger

Blocktorch's Step Debugger simplifies debugging by providing detailed insights into blockchain transaction execution. It helps identify and solve issues quickly, enhancing your development speed.

Getting started with the step debugger

To use the Debugger, you need to start from a specific transaction.

  1. Either go to the Search page from the navigation to choose a transaction or search for a transaction hash in the search bar on top, or click a specific contract in the contract overview to see the contract's logs

  2. Click the 🪲 Debugger button located at the top right of the log details.

Using the step debugger

The Debugger interface is comprised of three main sections:

  • Execution trace (left): Displays the sequence of calls made during the transaction, , which can be used to navigate through the code.

  • Smart contract source code (top right): Shows the code of the contract being interacted with. If a contract is not added to the project and thus the ABI is unknown we will not be able to show the full decoded data,

  • Call information (bottom right): Provides detailed info about the current call.

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