Navigating the AA Explorer

1. Have a transaction hash at hand to search for, or click on one of the auto detected transactions. Blocktorch's Account Abstraction is a multichain explorer.

2. General transaction information

For each transaction the general transaction information include the Status, Timestamp, Gas Used, Gas Price, Fee and the Blunder Size indicating how many UserOps were bundled into this transaction

2.1 Successful Transaction

2.2 Successful Transaction with internal failures

2.3 Reverted Transaction

3. User Operation (UserOp) information includes Bundler Compensation, whether or not a new smart contract has been created in this transaction, if a paymaster was used, the amount processed by the paymaster and the user intent

Simply hover over the ℹ to learn more about each section.

4. The Anatomy of the full Account Abstraction transaction is visualized with the integrated providers of the modules tagged

5. Function invocation call trace can be expanded to see the detailed invocation tree of the full trasnaction. The blue strips on the right side show the gas profiling, indicating which step used the most gas

6. Interactive interaction flow can be accessed by elapsing on the arrow on the right to see the full flow. The strength of the lines indicate the gas used on the transaction. The flow let's you follow were exactly the transaction failed. Clicking on the branches can elapse and expand the flow tree.

6.1 Successful Transaction

6.2 Successful Transaction with internal failures

6.3 Reverted Transaction

6. Metrics are shown where available with KPIs about the Bundler, the Paymaster and the Smart Accounts used in the transaction

Want to learn more about account abstraction and see blocktorch's AA explorer live in action? Check out this Workshop Series by Alchemy and Offchain Labs (Arbitrum): [blocktorch's explorer live in action from minute 42:00]

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