Adding smart contracts

Step 1: Navigate to "Contracts" page

Step 2: Click the "Add Contract" button on the top left next to the navigation

As long as you have no contracts added, there are Uniswap V3 contracts as demo data visible in your project. As soon as you add your first contract the Uniswap contracts and data disappear

Step 3: Use the smart contract address in the input field and look for the chain you want to add the contract on

If you have deployed your smart contract with the same address on multiple chains, you need to choose one of these chains as an initial step, and can add all other chains in a second step to add the contract on all your chains simultaneously.

Step 4: If necessary add the ABI of the contract.

If the contract is published & verified on a block explorer the Name and ABI is automatically fetched.

Otherwise upload the ABI as a .json file or paste it into the input field. Your ABI will stay 100% private.

Step 5: Change/Add a descriptive contract title. and click "Save"

Currently contracts can only be added through the UI. If adding contracts through e.g. the CLI, IDE or Hardhat plugin is important for you please let us know so we can prioritize your feedback in our roadmap.

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