Custom Event Data

Blocktorch is also supporting the possibility to add custom smart contract data from for example forks that mirror the mainnet state. We started to work with partners that provide you the possibilities of enriching contract data, to integrate them seemlessly into Blocktorch. In addition Blocktorch has been built with interoperability of Open Telemetry Data in mind. That means, in general we are able, to ingest also other custom data into your blocktorch Project.

If you have a custom event data source you would like us to add please reach out to us.

The first partner we have integrated is Shadow.

Our frens at Shadow enable you to modify a deployed contract's source code to add gasless custom event logs and view functions on a shadow fork that is instrumented to mirror mainnet state in realtime. If you want to learn more about how to get started with Shadow please check in their docs.

Adding your Shadow fork to blocktorch

Step 1: Navigate to "Nodes" >> "Shadow Fork"

Step 2: Click "Add RPC"

Step 3: Add your fork by choosing Shadow, give the shadow fork a name & add the RPC

Congratulations, you have successfully added your shadow fork to blocktorch 🥳 If you now try to add a smart contract to blocktorch that has been deployed on your shadow fork you can see your fork in the list of available chains

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