EVM Chains

We are supporting 7 EVM (ethereum virtual machine) blockchains out of the box. That means, we are indexing all data in real-time for these chains for all contracts added on the blocktorch platform.

For all of these chains we auto-detect whether a smart contract with the address you want to add is deployed or not. On top we auto-fetch the ABI if the contracts are publicly verified on a block explorer.

If you are using the same contract address on multiple chains, you can add the contract on multiple chains in once.

Bring your own RPC

On top of natively supported chains you can bring your own RPC for EVM chains that blocktorch does not natively support. This feature is currently in closed beta to ensure all variaties of EVM compatible chains run smoothly, so please reach out to us to add your own rpc.

All data for these chains is stored for 7 days on a rolling basis in our free plan. If you need more that 7 days of historic data please reach out to us so we can agree on a suitable priced plan for your needs.

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