Querying data

Blocktorch's query engine is responsible for processing and analyzing the collected data to provide insights and support decision-making. Data provided in blocktorch is close to real-time, the status and uptime of our query engine can be checked any time on our status page.

dApps introduce complexity to the querying process, including:

  • Querying data across multiple chains and platforms.

  • Handling the unique data structures and formats associated with web3 data.

Blocktorch's query engine is designed to tackle these challenges by:

  • Consolidating and contextualizing data from multiple sources, providing a unified view for analysis.

  • Supporting complex queries and aggregations on web3-specific data structures, such as smart contract events, function calls, and transaction logs.

You can create rich queries through the blocktorch UI. You can start gaining fast and unique insights without having to push a single line of code.

Querying data through blocktorch's no-code query chips

For monitoring purposes all data can be queried through blocktorch's unique query chips, no code required. The query chips automatically suggest all possible data sources added to your projects that monitors can be built on.

Navigate to "Explore" to start building queries, if the query result is a valid one the graph will show data. More details can be found in the section building monitors.

Querying data through fuzzy search and search facets

In Blocktorch's search, log data can be queried through fuzzy search. Fuzzy search in Blocktorch allows users to find log data across data sources and across chains even if the search terms are not exact matches to the data. This feature enhances the flexibility and efficiency of searching, making it easier for users to locate the information they need without knowing the precise terms used in the data. For example not knowing the full contract name and searching for "Universal" will query all data of the contract "UniversalRouter".

You can also utilize popular search facets if you query the same data often for e.g. the same contracts in different time ranges, same function calls in different chains, etc.

Fine tuning your search

Your search query can be fine tuned by updating, removing or adding single chips to the query. To update a chip simply click its value and change it

Sharing the search results

Querying data programmatically

Querying data through blocktorch's API is currently only open to our enterprise customers. If you need access to our API please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and a suitable enterprise contract with you.

In blocktorch's free tier everyone can create as many data queries as you wish for a timeframe of up to 7 days in the past. To get access to a wider time frame please contact us to discuss a suitable pricing tier with you.

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