Monitoring in Blocktorch plays an important role in enhancing the observability of your dApp and becoming data driven. By leveraging continuous monitoring, blocktorch enables you to detect anomalies, understand transaction flows, and ensure the integrity and reliability of your dApp.

Blocktorch's Monitoring Capabilities

  • Cross-chain & source: Blocktorch allows monitoring metrics across chains, across smart contracts, across functions

  • Real-time Monitoring: Blocktorch provides real-time insights into all the supported data sources and its metadata like transactions, state changes, block spaces, etc, enabling immediate detection of issues.

  • Custom Alerts: Blocktorch allows setting up customized alerts for specific events or anomalies, facilitating prompt response to critical incidents.

  • Dashboarding: All your monitors come with a custom graph of the data you want to monitor to visualize the data.

  • Performance Analysis: Users of our closed beta feature can access detailed reports and analytics on a weekly basis to optimize the efficiency and speed of their DApps. If you are interested in receiving weekly performance reports on your stack please request access to the feature.

  • Automated Actions: Users of our closed beta feature can unlock automated actions that get triggered off-chain or on-chain based on specific events being fired or monitor alerts being tiggered. If you are interested in utilizing automated actions request access to the feature.

Monitor overview

To see the overview of all your monitors navigate to Monitors.

You can search for specific monitors with the search bar on top.

The timeframe the monitors are visualized on are by default 1 hour. You can change the timeframe with the date picker to 15 minutes or 1 day.

The red horizontal line always indicates your set target of the monitor.

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